Mapping New York Media

DHSI 2018: Mapping New York City Media 

Lisa Lynch (faculty mentor) Catherine Araimo, Heather Dupont, Savannah Hill (students)

These four projects are the first in an ongoing effort to create historical and present-day maps of the NYC media ecosystem. Working with both archival and self-authored maps, as well as images, text, and video footage, we hope to show how various media industries — from newspapers to advertising to television and beyond — have left a visible footprint on New York City.  We also intend to explore how media industries continue to reshape the geography of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.  Our maps will be in the ESRI Story Map format, and project members will also research and write place-based narratives about the media industries they document.  (NOTE: These projects are currently having display issues in the Chrome browser.  Try Firefox or Safari).

The first story map, authored by Dr. Lisa Lynch, looks at how mapmakers documented the rise of the news industry in Manhattan in the nineteeth century:

The second map, by Catherine Araimo, looks at the vanished records stores of 1980s New York:

The third map, authored by Heather Dupont, looks at the emergence of the underground press in NYC during the 1960s.

The fourth map, authored by Savannah Hill, looks at the birth of the film industry in New Jersey, as well as the new wave of film studios emerging now in New York.